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"Fire Dog Bob"

Have you seen the Instagram post from our Fire Captain Ted Hassler?  If you haven't, it's a must see!

Here is a little back story to the video.  Firefighter Angus Johnstone spotted the dog standing in a road side ditch on the Rocky Fire, in Lake County, Wednesday August 5th. The crew decided to stop and render aide to the dog, because they could tell the dog had been injured. Captain Hassler, Engineer Loftus, and Firefighter Johnstone shared 10 bottles of water, 2 turkey sandwiches, and a bag of beef jerk with the dog before animal control came and took the dog to a veterinarian for medical treatment.

We have since learned the dog has been named, "Fire Dog Bob", and is doing really well with his recovery.  The members of SVFRA could be more proud of our crew for their dedication to not only fighting this fire but for their compassion to our four legged animal friends too.  Here is to a job well done.

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